Worship Service
8:45a.m. Adult Sunday School

Children's Education Time
(during sermon)​

Last Saturday of Month

​5:30p.m. Pilgrim Journey Band (Prayer and Praise)

​6:30p.m. Dinner Fellowship

​​Last Sunday of Month

10:00a.m. Pilgrim Journey Band
(Liturgical Modern Worship)​



Rev. C. Judd Ludder

cell phone:  407-340-4740

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​Church ​email:​​

3174 Jupiter Blvd. SE,   Palm Bay, Florida 32909
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                  Saturday Night Pilgrim Journey Service August 27th

The Saturday evening Pilgrim Journey service format is a more Informal Worship Service of PRAYER and PRAISE. It will be followed by a PIZZA AND BYO Beverage FELLOWSHIP.

When you arrive for the service at 5:30 pm there will be a sign up for pizza. There is no charge, but we ask that you think about a donation of just $1 a slice. There will be a choice of toppings. Just let us know how many slices you want and what kind. We will place the order, and the pizza will be ready after the service.

Tea and lemonade will be provided. If you’d prefer something of a different variety, please bring that with you. It can be kept cold in the church refrigerators, during the service. But, please use the provided cups for any adult beverages.
                                                      Prayer - Praise
​                                                           (followed with fellowship)
​                                                                         Pizza

​Joy Members,

We have started an Amazon wish list for items needed by Joy.  These can be everyday items like cups and napkins or special need items like a new printer or bookcase.  Basically anything we need that Amazon sells, and Amazon seems to sell just about ever​​y thing.
​Using the list requires two steps:

​1)  When a member identifies an item needed by the church, they can open the list via the​​ above link, search for that item and add it to the list.
2)  When someone wants to buy something on the list for our church, aka a donation of that item to the church, they can open the list via the above link and buy that item.  The member will pay for the item and it will be shipped to Chris Peters who will bring it to the church.

​​​So, let's give this a try.

Joy Church Council​​​